THE TARTAN TREE (£15.00). The latest book from John Wilson of Kilwinnet, author of the popular 1984 publication - The Wilsons: Their Origin and Past (£4.50).

Vocational genealogist John firstly covers his own childhood, growing up in South Ayrshire then takes his reader on his personal voyage of genealogical discovery, firstly as a teenager and later in adulthood. How he discovered his ancestor, Robert Wilson the "gallant weaver" who was embroiled in the life and times of Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns. John's researches also take him to many parts of Scotland to uncover more about his ancestral past. He shares stories with readers on a number of Scottish clans. This is indeed a unique book with something for most readers, interested in Scotland's culture, history and its people. The book costs £15.00, and can be airmailed anywhere in the World a an extra cost of  £10. UK postage is £3.50.

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THE WILSONS: THEIR ORIGINS AND PAST (£4.50). John has been writing about clan and family history since the 1980's.  As an experienced genealogists, his work is popular with those starting out tracing their Wilson ancestry. The remaining copies of this classic booklet are unused but the binding staples have partly degraded and purchasers are being made aware of this. Please add £4.75 for airmail or £1.50 - within  the U.K.





 The most detailed account of the family of Margaret the Martyr ever published. It costs £5 plus P&P - please add £4.75 for airmail or £1.50 within the UK.